Proper Body Posture To Sit In Front Of Computer

No matter if you are using PC or MAC computer – it is vital to have precise body posture while utilizing these tools. You may cause a harm to your body if incorrect body posture is maintained while using these tools. Therefore, it is necessary to maintain correct body posture for completing your web design Saskatoon task.

Adjust ‘body posture’ while lying on a chair.


Since the height of every individual is different, it is essential to adjust a corresponding height of chair and table desk for precise overall body posture while you sit and operate on a PC.

Adjust ‘body posture’ while lying on a chair

  1.  Adjust the height of table and chair respectively so that your arm makes a proper angle when you put your palm on the keyboard.
  2. Adjust the height of the chair, so that bottom of your foot is easily put on the floor. Also, keep the middle of leg weight not on the chair but on the heels while resting on the chair.
  3. Adjust back of the chair so that your waist is upright while you sit on the chair in front of the PC. Use great quality office chair with a comfortable back to prevent any substantial pain as you sit on the chair for a lengthy time.
  4. When utilizing a laptop or compact computing devices – do not rest down on the bed or on the ground while practising them. This can also lead to ortho problems as asked form a dentist saskatoon Also, avoid placing a laptop on knees – this can result in extreme heat and may produce burning sensation. If feasible, always use them in precise position while relaxing on the couch with a laptop placed on the desk.

Adjust ‘eye position’ & monitor display height

Eyes can get extremely exhausted after extended computer usage. While there are suggestions to limit eye strain from workstation use – having proper eye view also assists in reducing eye risks.

  1. Do not put monitor or display screen nearby to your eyes. You should have at least 50 cms gap between eyes and the screen.
  2. Besides the measure, adjust the vertical height of the monitor for easy usage. Adjust the height of the monitor so that its head height is similar or deeper than your eyes.
  3. Keep monitor clear to limit any strain on eyes while seeing the display.
  4. If you use glasses, make certain that you clean them.

Further tips for Conventional posture while utilizing Computer

  1. If using the laptop for a prolonged time, you may attach extra mouse and manual for more convenient use as a trackpad, and small keyboard on a laptop can strain hands and thumbs quickly.
  2. Get adequate breaks while utilizing a computer for a long period. Stand and walk away from your workstation to renew yourself.
  3. Having proper light and warmth in the place for conventional computer usage. Ultralight and temperature may result in user discomfort.